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Should you go to a Nail Salon in Walmart?

In Walmarts across the Country, you’ll sometimes find a nail salon. Walmart, in order to offset some of the costs of the building, rents out space to various vendors like Subway, Burger King, and other small stores like Claire’s fashion jewelry.

In several Walmarts, you’ll find a nail salon. These are usually mom-and-pop operations that have negotiated for and have rented spaced from Walmart.

The Downside

It might seem very convenient to get your nails done just before or after you shop. It seems perfect. There are however some downsides to nail salons in Walmart.


When people think of Walmart they think bare bottom prices. It’s not always the case on all items, you have to know your prices, but in general items at Walmart will be cheaper than other retailers. That leaves people with the impression that anything sold within the building will be discounted. Unfortunately for the nail salon that rents there, that includes their services.

People coming to the nail salon in a Walmart will, by sheer association with Walmart, expect to get the best price in the area on nail services. It puts the owner in a tough spot considering renting space in Walmart is some of the highest-priced retail space around. While Walmart gets lots of foot traffic, it tends to attract a lower-price mindset clientele. The price of nail services is too high and no one walking into Walmart will go there. Lots of people walk by, but few are getting nails or pedicures done. I’ve actually seen this at the local Walmart.

You are exposed

A manicure or pedicure is a personal thing. A luxurious thing. There are a lot of people that won’t go to a Walmart salon because of the high volume of people walking by and gawking at them while they are being supposedly pampered. They prefer a stand-alone nail salon that offers a bit of privacy and an atmosphere of comfort.

Noise Levels

There is a lot of noise happening outside of the Walmart nail salon including cash registers dinging, people taking, and Walmart announcements that do not allow for a relaxing experience.

You must watch your cart

Another inconvenience occurs when you shop before you get your nails done. Now you have a cart full of groceries or goods that you must find a place to park and must keep an eye on while you get your nail services. If you shop after a manicure or especially a pedicure, you have a chance of damaging the freshly applied gels or acrylics by walking around with a cart and picking things off the shelves.

Many still love it

Still, some swear by their local Walmart nail salon as the best combination of convenience and price. It should be a safe place to be since many Walmarts have security.

Your choice

Only you can decide if the nail salon in your Walmart is everything you are looking for when you get your nails done. Surely some will be wonderful and others will be less than desirable. Since Walmart leases to independents are well as nail salon chains and franchises, your experience may vary.